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Romantic Islands and Exciting Mainland's

Panda is a good starting point for single day tours as well as 2- 3 day tours (Los Testigos/ Peninsula Paria). We are also more than happy to arrange longer tours in cooperation with the Posadas all over the country.
It is only 4 km away from where the culturally flourishing Carupano (Sucre province) is located.
Founded in 1647, it was once the biggest exportation harbor for cocoa and coffee in South America.
Today the city has 150000 inhabitants and its carnival is seen as on of the best in Venezuela. Its vibrant colors and warm-hearted inhabitants make it unforgettable. One sight that you shouldn't is the cable house where you can see the first under water cable connection between Europe and South America. It connected the French city of Marcella with Carupano at the end of the 19th century.

East of the Playa Copey the peninsula Paria one of the most impressive places in Venezuela is situated. Its beautiful Medina beach and huge coconut trees are an additional bonus.

West of the Playa Copey lies the second peninsula Araya, known for its romantic lagoons.

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