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Diseases and Vaccinations:

It isn't required to have any particular vaccinations before entering Venezuela.

There are only special regulations for those traveling into the country from regions infected with Yellow fever. Other than the standard safety shots (Polio, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Diphtheria and Tetanus) the medical center for traveling in Vienna (Tel: 01 403 8343) advises you to also get a shot against Rabies and Cholera. Also if traveling in the south of the country and the Orinoco region you should make sure to get a shot against Malaria.

However, it is important to take the Malaria shot only if traveling in dangerous areas as the injection can have unwanted side-effects and ruin a well planned holiday. Some bites are even immune to this vaccination so be sure to take it only when absolutely necessary.

It is important to get a special medical insurance for the time you plan on residing in the country. You can find affordable offers at some auto clubs (ADAC, ÷AMTC). It is then possible to visit private clinics as well once such a package is acquired which is best since they are up to European standards. It is still important to make sure to have a credit card on hand when visiting a private clinic. However, should you have to pay the insurance company will reimburse you ( see insurance policy).

Diseases go hand in hand with your psyche and it is therefore best not to worry too much about falling ill. In general it is possible to eat and drink everywhere yet you should pay close attention to the hygiene of the places you eat.

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