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Our day tours are organized in cooperation with the according Posadas

Tour A:
Playa Medina Kakauhacienda, buffalo farm, bamboo forest
We will take you by car to the east coast along the Playa Medina which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela. The beach which is decorated with palm trees used to belong to an old coconut hacienda. Most of the trees are over 100 years old. The drive entails a ride through lonely villages, modest settlements and very diverse types of vegetation. We can also visit an ancient and hidden tribe called Pui-Pui.
Minimum amount of participants: 2
Lunch with beverages is included in the price. If you wish we can also BBQ on the beach.

Tour B:
National park Mochima Playa Blanca
An ideal environment for corals, fish and other sea animals is the coast of the National park Mochima. That's why it is also a paradise for snorkel and diving fans, which one of the activities you can enjoy on this tour. Our destination is the Playa Blanca and the journey takes about 2 hours by car. From there we will take a motor boat to the ideal diving spot
Minimum amount of participants: 2
Lunch with beverages is included in the price. If you wish we can also BBQ on the beach.

Tour C:
Foothills of the Orinoco-Delta, Cano Ajies

Tour D:
Caripe cueva de Guacharo ( biggest cave in South America)
In the middle of a mountain range with a variety of natures finest near Caripe lies the Guacharo cave. It is 10 km long and counts as Venezuelans largest cave as well as on of the most important
Dripstone caves in the world. It is unique for many reasons , one of which is the fact that many Guacharo birds can be found there. They are 45 cm in size and are nocturnal birds which orientate themselves by the clear click noise they make with the use of an echo. Alexander von Humboldt even explored this very cave over 200 years ago. It's about a 2 hour drive and the hour long tour will be given by a native guide who will take you 3 km into the cave. Afterwards we will have lunch and visit Caripe which is a cute village near the cave.
Minimum amount of participants: 2

Lunch with beverages and the entrance fee for the cave are all included in the price. We advise you to wear sturdy shoes and to bring a rain coat with you.

Tour E:
Jungle tour (waterfall in El Pilar)

Tour F:
Thermal springs of Casanay (agua moisses)

Tour G:
Salt mountains of Arajia

Tour H:
Playa Chaguaramos
Departure from Carupano through Rio Caribe along the coast with a short stop at Playa Medina (one the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela). After a refreshing swim we will head towards Playa Chaguaramos in an all-terrain vehicle. There we will not only find lots of palm trees and coconuts but also small and empty fisher huts which are a popular destination for off-road travelers.
We will make camp and enjoy a BBQ on the lovely deserted beach. On the way back we will stop at a bamboo forest which is where the furniture and roof tops of our posada and the surrounding posadas are from. If we have enough time we can also visit a cocoa plantation (Hacienda Bukkare) where we can find out the secrets to processing and preparing the world famous cocoa plant. Finally we will head back to Carupano.
Swimwear and sturdy shoes are recommended.
BBQ lunch and drinks are included in the price.

Price ca. 50 EUROS

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