Posada Panda / Playa Copey / VenezuelaVenezuela - Holiday / Urlaub in Venezuela

Not only do we organize the tour but we also accompany you on it!

2 Day Tour:
Pure adventure - beach and jungle all in one (trekking)
We will depart Carupano through Rio Caribe along the coast where we will make a stop at Playa Medina ( one of the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela). After a refreshing swim we will continue in an all-terrain vehicle towards Playa Chaguaramos. There we will not only find lots of palm trees and coconuts but also small and empty fisher huts which are a popular destination for off-road travelers. Then we will continue on the same road to Campamento Querepare where we will also enjoy our lunch. We will then continue by boat to Puerto Nuevo where only one fishing family lives. Puerto Nuevo is known for its lovely beach which borders the jungle. From there we will continue by foot along a stream to a cave where we will pass several waterfalls and get to see the famous Guacharo birds. We can call to them from the cave and might even catch a glimpse. Once we've returned to the beach we will make camp and enjoy a bonfire and BBQ in the evening. In the morning we will pack up and if there is time we can visit a cocoa plantation( Hacienda Bukkare).

Sturdy shoes and a change of clothes recommended
Equipment, food and beverages (rum ) included in price

Price app. 135 EUROS depending on amount of participants since the boat ride can be pricey.

4 Day Tour:
Sulfur spring- Cocoa- Calypso- Los Testigos
We will depart for El Pilar from Carupano in first thing in the morning. The first stop is the Sulfur spring where the daring can cook and egg and eat it right there on the spot. The natives like to use the spring to pluck their chickens. Once we've visited the sulfur springs we will head to the buffalo farm Rio de Agua where we will learn about a special project that a German settler is in charge of. Then we will continue along a route which is right in the middle of the lush vegetation of a bamboo forest and go on to have lunch at a cocoa plantation ( Hacienda Bukkare). The lunch will include chocolate as well for the chocolate lovers amongst us. Either before lunch or afterwards, depending on your stomachs we will enjoy a tour of the hacienda by the generous owner who will explain the process the cocoa plant goes through till it becomes cocoa. We recommend you to purchase some of the world's finest chocolate. Afterwards we will leave to go to one of Venezuelans nicest beaches, Playa Medina. Those who wish can go for a short swim. In the early afternoon we will head towards Campamento Querare where we will finish the day with a bonfire and native Calypso music on the beach.
In the morning after breakfast we will take a boat ride to the beautiful Caribbean island Los Testigos which will take about 2 hours depending on the weather. With a bit of luck we will get to see some dolphins. Upon arrival on the island we will make camp and go on to explore the island in the afternoon. Our destination is the highest point on the island app. 299 meters from where we will have an amazing view of the neighboring island group. During the hike we will coma across some difficult terrain but also some of the most impressive you have ever seen. In the evening we will have BBQ on the beach and for the sea food lovers we have a special offer of crab fish ( $ 5 extra). Then you are free to enjoy the lovely sunset.
After breakfast the next morning we will begin the day with some snorkeling. With a bit of patience we can admire the stonefish and stingrays. There is a double program planned for the afternoon. For those who wish to discover more they have the option to take a boat ride around the island and see the main village and a large sand dune while the others are free to relax on the beach and take it easy. In the morning we will pack up and head back to Carupano with a quick stop at Bird Island on the way where thousands of pelicans and sea gulls live.

2-3 Day Tour:
Orinoco - Campamento Boca de Tigre
Individual Off-road Tour (accompanied by us):
Day trip to Macuro, which is the first place in South America that Columbus landed reload his ship with water for the rest of his journey.
Largo Asfalto (guariquen), the biggest asphalt lake in South America. (tour can only be taken at certain times in the year and therefore needs to be requested in advance)
Day Trip to Playa Chaguramos which is only accessible with an all-terrain vehicle.

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