Posada Panda / Playa Copey / VenezuelaVenezuela - Holiday / Urlaub in Venezuela

This 7-Day roundtrip to Paria is the perfect supplement to holidays on island margaritha - because the tour ends up on isla margaritha.

1. Arrival at Carupano airport. After a welcome cocktail we will head straight to the cocoa Hacienda Bukkare, a bamboo forest, thermal springs and the buffalo farm from Wilifried Merle. Sleep over at the Posada Panda.

2. After breakfast we will visit Caripe, the biggest cave in South America followed by a short hike to a waterfall that rests nearby. Sleep over at Posada Panda.

3. In the morning once we have finished breakfast we will see Klaus Muellers camp who will present his project ( helping the forestation process of the rain forests) and then we will go to the extension of Orinoco's range. Sleep over at Posada Panda.

4. Breakfast first and then we are off to the coast towards Playa Medina. After a refreshing swim we will go to Camp Querpare (a Camp right on the beach, it's very romantic)where we will spend the night.

5. This time after a coffee and refreshing beverage we will take a boat to Los Testigos where we will have some breakfast onboard. Upon arrival we will set up our campsite and explore the island.

6. A free day to do whatever you please on the island of Los Testigos. (snorkeling, fishing, relaxing, hiking, swimming etc.)

7. In the morning we will go to Isla Margarita by boat, it should take 2-3 hours.

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