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Entry Requirements

You can stay in the country for up to 3 months without requiring a visa. Only those who are traveling the country way will need one which can either be obtained at the border or at any Venezuelan representation agencies in Europe. It is advisable to get a visa in advance as the waiting time can be long if trying to obtain a visa at the border.
Upon entry to the country you receive a tourist card (green) and you should do your best to take care of it as it is required when departing.
Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months when entering the country.

International Flights:

-The prices from Europe to Venezuela lie anywhere in between 550 - 700,- EUROS. We are more than willing to assist in choosing the ideal flight.
Flights within the country are affordable e.g. Caracas - Carúpano costs about 60,- EUROS. You can also book the tickets through us at the same prices offered by the supplier.


Most flights arrive in Maiquieta (Caracas) or the island Margarita (Porlamar)
In Maiquieta you should beware of the so-called taxi pirates who can not only be very expensive but also dangerous.
It's best just to take the licensed cabs that are black ford explorers or if you're Spanish is good enough you can try the buses.
For those of you who want to get to know Caracas, we can organize a pick-up service that will take you to a comfortable and affordable accommodation and who can also show you the city. English speaking drivers can be arranged as well for an additional fee.


They exist in all shapes sizes and colors. However there are pirates amongst them, the off-license cabs, from which you should be careful. They are often expensive and don't always bring you to your destination since the car usually breaks down beforehand. But there are taxis that are reliable and are usually white in color and licensed. As is the case with taxis all over the world, they are to be enjoyed with caution. You should only get into cabs where the drivers are friendly and seem harmless. You will seldom come across a taxi meter and if they do then they are mostly inaccurate so be sure to agree on the price before getting in the cab.

In every large city there is a modern public bus service. But you should be sure to always have a jacket or sweater with you for the ride as the air-conditioning is set at a fixed temperature that can't be altered and it can therefore get very cold.

Shared Taxis:
Called Por Puesto, they drive depart from bus/ train stations and is a good idea when traveling with 3-4 people. They cost significantly more than the buses but get you to your destination much faster. Because Europeans are built larger than most Latinos it is advisable to rent the extra 5th place to guarantee comfort. Bathroom stops can be made upon request.

Inland flights:
There are many airlines that offer such flights (Avior, Lai, Avensa, etc.) although they aren't big aircrafts (20- 70 seats) they do arrive safely according to statistics ( modern aircrafts). Prices are affordable and it is also possible to book one-way tickets which make sense as it is best to travel the country in a circle in order to see as much as possible.

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